nicki minaj’s ‘right thru me’ video: go behind the scenes!

If there’s one word that’s not used all that often to describe anything Nicki Minaj does, it’s “understated.”

Yes, from her vast collection of neon wigs to her closet full of skintight outfits, Nicki is rarely, if ever, subtle. But in her upcoming video for “Right Thru Me,” all of that has changed. Gone are the Kool-Aid accoutrements and Harajuku Barbie getups, replaced instead with a side of the rapper most of her fans have never seen before: a sensitive, softer one.

And that was very much the plan, as Minaj told MTV News when we visited the set of “Right Thru Me” last month in Los Angeles. Because unlike her previous singles, this one gets downright personal.

“The song is [about] just being in awe at another human being’s ability to know you so well,” she said. “This is going to be different, in that, usually, I’m over the top, but in this one, I’m going to pull back a little bit.”

Directed by Diane Martel, “Right Thru Me” follows a demurely dressed Minaj and her love interest as they work through the complexities of a relationship. So don’t expect a whole lot of leather catsuits or anime-inspired green-screen wizardry this time out. For once, Minaj is playing it straight.

“Right Thru Me” is the third single from Minaj’s ultra-anticipated Pink Friday album, which is due November 23.

What do you think about Nicki dialing things down a notch for the video? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Comments on “nicki minaj’s ‘right thru me’ video: go behind the scenes!

  1. we all love nicki minaji but it is good to see her not as a character but as a down to earth person. somet5imes we forget that calebs are human to. its good to see her that way.

  2. I think its good 4 nicki to switch her game up or go for a new sound, besides other singers do it. I support you Nicki, go for it!!!!!!!!

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