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  1. I am part of a band how do we get famous?? and i wish we could work with a real celebrity

  2. Hey Nicki! Huge fan by the way. But I’m a girl and I love to write my own songs and I was hoping to get in touch with you as a mentor if you have the time. I go to Brooklyn Tech High School and I’m 15. My mom actually used to be a singer. She never got as big as she had the potential to but she was very good and people loved her music. I’d really love to hear back from you. Your mentoring and musical advice would give me the extra push that I need to get a career in music started for myself. I hope to hear back from you. Oh, by the way, I live in Brooklyn and I always hear about people seeing you here because it’s where you’re from so maybe I’ll see you around one day! Thanks for everything 🙂

  3. Hi Nicki I email you last year and didn’t get a response are this a good email for you I like to comment on some of the issues you been facing Thank You and God Bless

  4. Hi Nicki my name is Diamond and Im 14 turning 15 and I just love you and everything your doing and I was really hoping you could help me make my dreams come true and my dream is to be a singer/model/dancer and I can really sing and dance and I look like a model too but if you want to see pictures of me go on my facebook page {sisterly love} and email me if you have any questions

  5. Hello ! I was wondering if this is where i could reach Nicki Minaj ? If so we are a girl group of the name Officially Imperfect . (Its pronounced Emperfect though ) . We are 3 young ladies of the age 12 13 and 14 . The group genre is Hip- Hop , R&B And Pop. If you wanna see what we look like our group instagram is @officiallyimperfect. Our individual instagrams is @0820__ , @badd.chick and @dope_coccaine . We were wondering if you could help us with our career.

    The rapper in the group is Sianii Tyler a.k.a. karisma – 13- her insta is @0820__ . She’s the outspoken one, that’s real chill. She brings the sweet and crazy element .

    The singer of the group is Jahtora Blalock Hawkins a.k.a. royal – 12- her insta is dope_coccaine . She’s the outgoing and down to earth one . She brings the edgy and fun element to the group.

    The other singer of the group is Nybriah Starks a.k.a. charm – 14 – her insta is @badd.chick . Shes the funny goofy one and a tiny bit cocky . She brings the smart and very happy element to the group.

    Pls email back soon

    -Officially Imperfect

  6. I saw you on Ellen and admire your inspiration, generosity, and talent. You mentioned how you helped college graduates with their loans, that sure is being kind as Ellen always ends her show with.
    My daughter Elaina works several hours a day as an outpatient LICSW patient clinic coordinator at the Children’s Friend and Family Service of Salem, MA helping out troubled kids within the community.
    She has over 80,000 in Graduate college loans she struggles with and I know on the Ellen show you mentioned you ocassionally help graduates out with their loans. I do my best as a dad to help her.

  7. Thanks for reading the request for assistance with my daughter Elaina’s college loan as you mentioned on the Ellen Show you sometimes help out Graduating college students with huge loans. She works hard as a LISCW at the Children’s Friend and Family Service,Inc helping out through giving therapeutic services to several troubled kids within the Salem, MA community.

  8. I really want to meet you Nicki Minaj. I love your song so much called Super Bass!!! And I love,love,love your outfits.

  9. You are my number one favorite singer. And my favorite song by you is SUPER BASS!!!! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS SONG AND I REALLY BADLY WANT TO melt YOU!!!!!!!

  10. hi nicki minaj my name is john i am 26 years old and whats you fan mail and email for 2018 this yaer thank you so much love john henry pickett

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