[NM] Nicki Minaj F/ Cassie – “The Boys”

Nicki Minaj brings all “The Boys” to the yard on the first single off Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up, the re-release of her sophomore album. Cassie, who was the “real pretty” surprise guest that Nicki previously hinted about, lends her sultry vocals to the hook.

The sexy ladies work their charm on the fellas, making them spend all their money on love. The self-proclaimed “punchline queen” delivers her witty wordplay over the marching beat. “You mad dusty/ You a lil’ dusty possum/ I come through with the Six like my name was Blossom,” raps Nicki.

Due in November, The Re-Up will feature 5-8 new tracks including a collaboration with Lil Wayne.

Written by Javi