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3 Comments on “o access: interview with nicki minaj

  1. NIcki i think your the greatest! i wanna meeet you one day.I hope you come to pennslyvania for cd signing. I LOVE YOU NICKI! Lil’ kim is lame she always tyring to dis you she neeed to worry bout herself and do her own thing. ppl is always trying to hate.YOU STAY ALWAYS ON TOP AS BESTEST! you seem so happy in your music but when you talk to ppl it seems like you wanna get away and just relax. LIL KIM IS UGLY I JUST SAW HER TODAY ON THE COMPUTER AND SHE IS UGLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY! you look way bhetter than her. nicki you should wear you regular hair more i think you’ll look pretty. I would go wit you if you weren’t a celebrity. what diid you look like b4 plastic surgery or waz you always a barbie send me a pic.


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