PHOTOS: More From XXL Magazine On Stands April 20th

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Nicki Minaj’s success was obtained quicker than expected. She’s one of the only females, if not the only female in the rap game right now that’s making noise. Although she’s only looked at as a rapper, her music style includes rapping and singing. Nicki actually speaks to XXL Magazine about where she sees her career going.

“You know what, I’m a female entertainer,” Nicki clarified, “but I don’t let it offend me when people call me a female MC or female rapper, because I just look at it as a challenge.”

“I’m about to climb over every single barrier and just put females on a different map altogether,” she continued. “So I take it as it comes. Like, I don’t think in five years people will consider me a female rapper—I’ll be, like, an entertainer. But, as of right now, I get it. I started off in the underground hip-hop circuit, so I’m a female rapper right now. But it’s just the beginning.”

Be sure to pick up your copy of the magazine as it hits newsstands on April 20th!

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  1. I like to say is that i love your music and i meen its the best that’s been out here in some years.I love my girl Trina and she’s the best both of yall doing yall thing so it’s not no competion between yall to, both of yall making that green so thats all i want to say and i love you nicki minaj.

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