Several Nicki Minaj Interviews, Freestyles + More

Here’s a few videos of Nicki Minaj that I didn’t want to put into a single post, so I gathered them all up for you guys to check them out.

BET’s “The Deal” Freestyle – Nicki Minaj, Wacka Flocka Flames and OJ Da Juiceman Freestyle

TT Torrez TV Interview – Speaking on her BET Cypher Freestyle & Writing Her Own Rhymes

Wildest Tour Story – Nicki Speaks on Her Wildest Tour Moment When Taking Shots w/ Drake

Thanks to WSHH for the videos.

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  1. yo nicki its me pinky sometimes you have your own way of doing things so most people would try to put you under the bus..but when you get on them tracks and come off the top like that it’s just amazing they not seeing you out here….

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