Shanell Honey Mag Interview Excerpts

In her recent Honey Magazine interview, Shanell mentions fellow Young Money stable mate, Nicki Minaj. She had the following things to say”

Are you currently recording and when can we expect to hear new music from you under Young Money?
Like Nicki Minaj put a mixtape out, I’m gonna put some stuff out. It might not be a full on mixtape, but I do wanna get the people something to say, “ok, this is Shanell’s sound.” We’re recording now, I’m in Miami right now working on my stuff. When’s it’s gonna comeout? Hopefully, by the end of the year or maybe the beginning of next year. We’re really focusing on pushing out Wayne’s Rebirth album and he’s also working on his next album Tha Carter 4. So, all of us are in the studio working on finishing that.

You mentioned Nicki Minaj and she’s also a part of Young Money. How do you feel about having another female artist there?

I think it’s great and when me and her work together my whole thing is guys always support each other. Usually, in the past you’ve seen crews and it’s mostly all guys and one girl. With this situation it’s all guys and two girls. Most people would think that there’d be a problem but we’re like we have to rep for the women and we have to support each other for the women just like how guys do. She’s a rapper and I’m a singer, but we both rap and sing. We kind of help each other out with both areas of music and it’s cool.

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