The BET “I Am Nicki” Special

i am barbie
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BET cameras followed our girl Nicki on her journey to her first ever Spring Bling performance which we attached! Check out the videos!

Nicki Minaj – Spring Bling 2010 -Medley
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3 Comments on “The BET “I Am Nicki” Special

  1. omg i watched dat whoole thing no stop… ppl was calling me to ask if i was watchn it but i didnt even answer… if someone got nicki to come to my bday on June 11 i would love then to i died i would pay them some money too omg!!! ily NICKI MINAJ!!!

  2. Omg.. i jus love nicki (harajuku barbie) minaj…she inspires me to jus be the wonderful person i am todaii…she is jus so jovial and she is a real barbie..MA FAV NICKI MINAJ SONG IS….<> I love all her songz actually AND I LOVE HER!!!!!<3<3

  3. i loved ur performance u did u thing barbie i wish i could have been there but u know times is hard but i was ther in spirit ur best
    ur #1barbie

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