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Clearly fans of a well-crafted 16, The Lonely Island showcase their rhyming skills—or laughably lack thereof—on Turtleneck & Chain, the follow-up to 2009’s Incredibad. The first effort saw the comedians tapping Justin Timberlake (“Dick in a Box”) and T-Pain (“I’m on a Boat”) while Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, and Nicki Minaj are just some of the A-list talents that lend an assist to several head-nodding tracks (combined with a few of the awkward and sexually-explicit kind) on the new album. had the chance to exclusively interview the trio.

What about when you recorded “The Creep” with Nicki Minaj?
Andy: She was cool. It was fun to watch her record. She has a lot of characters she goes in and out of.
Akiva: She was just really polite.
Jorma: She’s adorable. She’s even cuter in person.

Were you fans of her music before collaborating on that song?
Akiva: We had been fans of her mixtape stuff. We made the album last summer, when we were recording it. So it was before her album came out or anything, and we got in touch with her and she was game to do it. We were just psyched. We saw kindred spirits in the fact that she was playing characters.

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