Tyga & Nicki Minaj “Motherf*cka Up” (NEW MUSIC)

Tyga’s “Mothaf*cka Up” leaked on the ‘net late last night, after a snippet of the track had hit the airwaves earlier that day.

“What the f*ck you beezy’s want/I’m ready to hump/the car I call it elephunk/the trunk in the front/she give me good brains, and she feel dumb/I just keep going like a bunny/till I feel numb,” raps Tyga.

Nicki raps, “Yeah your money short/gets some pants and shit/I be with the n*gga with the big ol’d*ck/yeah, I love them balls/you be shooting them bricks.”

After many pushbacks and delays, Tyga is finally releasing his new album officially on February 21st.

Tyga’s sophomore album Careless World: Rise Of The Last Kings is set to hit store shelves February 21st.

Take a listen to below!

Written by Javi