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5 Comments on “V EXCLUSIVE: Nicki Minaj Addresses Her Haters

  1. Hello Nicki and I hope that you are reading this and not your reps. Let me say that im a fucking big fan of yours baby if im on the phone talking to someone and i hear you on the radio I hang up. Im 27 and like love you girl your hott.Let me say to you fuck the hater’s let them fucking hate it only makes yours pockets fat. I love your style and the fact that your open with the fact you like girl “I LOVE GIRLS NICKI” and baby if they straped like you mama then they really good. but be prayful in what you do and dont stress. Nicki I got you in my prayer I hope to meet you one day. Detroit baby kisses get my email love to hear from you. K_grant83@hotmail. peace….

  2. Nicki Nicki Nicki ; OmGAWD . Im showinq you bitxhs how to do it . Facial Expression was DOPE ! Man yu tha dopest female rapper OUT ; & you know yu is . && Love when you said Cheer Up ! haha

  3. i love u nicki i hope that u read this. first let me start by saying im ur numba 1 fan i have all ur music on my ipod. i lsten to u everyday all day. i am 20 years old an i have pics of u on shirts walls an in my phone anything that has to do wit nicki i want i get or i got an see. ur the best love i love ilove. ihope one day i get to speak to u so we can chop it up. an i hoping u can sign my lil o’ bitties. hit me in my email ladyspawn00001212@yahoo.com i would love to hear from u. god bless an may many more blessings come to
    free weezy

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