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2 Comments on “vh1 divas salute the troops rehearsal photos

  1. Miss Minaj-

    You are absolutely amazing and a huge inspiration! I am a stay at home mom and after watching a documentary type show about you on Mtv, you put a fire in me that makes me want to be the best me i can be! I think i have been just sitting back and letting life run me! But after seeing you and all that you have been through and all the good you are doing for your family and even us fans, just makes me want to prove to myself and everyone else that i have something to offer to this world! i wasn’t blessed with the type of musical talent you are and i can’t reach people on the level that you can! But i do have a big heart and a need to make other lives better! So thank you for reminding me that i do have a purpose! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Hugs and Kisses- Mellissa

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