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7 Comments on “VIDEO: Young Money on “The Mo’Nique Show”

  1. I love nicki minaj; &Everything she got going for herr self-
    If you hating on the Harajuku’s then your just a strawberry
    shortcake (:

  2. i luv young money that y hoes can think of i kno every thing about them so test me if i dare

    harajuku bariie it me i win u lose hahahaha imma bad bxxytch

  3. Hey Nicki i admire everything you do! I think u r soo pretty and nice!
    You are the best female rapper alive in my book.!!! I love ur music and i dont think you r lucky to be in young money , i think young money is lucky to have u!!!!!You truly have impressed me and made me proud! I wish you truly are a babie !if i could i would go telling ur name to all my friends i would cause everyone should kno ur name!I hope you continue to make music and never give up hope because i will always suppoert u!

    p.s. it would be my dream for you to write me back!
    i would love to hear from you !!!

  4. Dear Nikki, ill be waiting because with a new year i know u wil rise and by 2011 everyone will know the great Nikki Minaj!

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