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wynter gordon hopes to work with nicki minaj

Wynter Gordon is not your typical R&B singer, and is a self-proclaimed non-traditional girl. Her song, “Dirty Talk,” notched #1 on the Billboard Dance Charts, and she has an upcoming album aptly titled With The Music I Die. She recently performed at the Hennessey Artistry Series with Travie McCoy, where she spoke with Singersroom about her upcoming album, fashion, her sound, and wanting to work with Nicki Minaj.

“It’s not all about the labels. It’s nice when you have the money, but these days no one has it like that. Just get what is you.”

In the future, Gordon is hoping she can work with Nicki Minaj. “She’s being very unique, being herself showing her personality. I would love to work with her.”

Gordon also has a comedic side, citing Lea Michelle from “Glee,” and Jonah Hill as people she would love to collaborate with. She would also like to work with Celine Dion, who’s her idol.

For now, Gordon is in the studio and on the road promoting her music.

“You will see me everywhere because I am not stopping.”

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rihanna “loud” album review + nicki feature in top 5 songs off the album

Via PopInsider: Today I flew to London to hear the album listening party of “LOUD!”. Rihanna’s fourth studio album. This album is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. It’s something out of this world and it could easily be #1 on the billboard album charts. It deserves to get a lot of attention and respect as it is Rihanna’s best album to date and one of the best albums if not this year, but the last 5 years. I am going to list my 5 favorite songs on the album + ratings.

5. Raining Men featuring Nicki Minaj
The song is not necessary to be featured on Loud! It would fit so good on a mixtape or just an unreleased track. Although it has hit written all over it, I think it isn’t what we all expected. I knew there would be an Minaj feature for awhile now and I’ve been very excited about it. The thing is if you release a song with Nicki at this point… it almost makes your look like your crying for a #1. The song is way to catchy and soon as Loud! leaks it will be the song (like it or not) that get’s stuck in your head.

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bruno mars speaks on the song he wrote for nicki minaj

Everything is on the upswing for Bruno. (Almost everything. He was officially charged on Saturday with cocaine possession after being arrested in Los Angeles). With his debut album, Doowops & Hooligans, dropping today (Oct. 5), the singer chats with VIBE on his way to a radio interview in Long Island about his rise to the top, the difficulty pinning down his sound, the song he wish he produced and the one he’s got for Nicki Minaj.

What do you think of Nicki Minaj?

Shhh… That’d be incredible. Drake, of course. I think I got a song for Nicki. I just gotta find a way to get to her.

You have a song written already?

I’ve been working on something.

You want to pitch to her?

[Laughs] Yeah. Can VIBE hook that up? Can you get me on the phone with her?

Yeah, we can try.

[Laughs] Alright. Try to make that happen.

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nicki minaj tells her gay fans: ‘suicide is never the answer’

Outspoken MC Nicki Minaj has said that she wants to help eradicate homophobia in hip-hop. With the recent rash of suicides by gay youths who have been bullied because of their sexuality, Minaj is now reaching out to tell her fans, point blank, that “suicide is never the answer.”

“I would encourage my gay fans to be fighters and to be brave,” she told MTV News. “People face difficulties, no matter who you are. I faced difficulties with a lot of things. I face opposition every day, but I didn’t kill myself and now, thank God, I’m here. So I want my life to be a testimony to my fans and my gay fans.

“I mean I could never imagine what they’re going through,” she continued. “But I know that suicide is never the answer and I know that things always get better. So I’m supporting you guys. I love you very, very much and for the people who don’t love you, they need help.”

Minaj added that she thinks knowing the motivations of bullies could help those being taunted feel stronger. “I don’t agree that everyone should agree with everyone’s lifestyle. I think that some people aren’t going to agree, but I think that when you’re mean and when you ridicule people it’s a sign of your own insecurities,” she explained. “So shout out to all my Ken and Barbies out there and my girls too; just believe that things will get better and they will they always do.

“It just takes a little willpower. There’s an answer. There’s always a different way that you can fight people back,” she continued. “And definitely [with] suicide you’re giving up and I don’t promote giving up. I promote fighting and winning.”

Minaj joins gossip blogger Perez Hilton, columnist Dan Savage and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres in speaking out against bullying and in support of gay rights.

MTV’s ongoing “A Thin Line” project provides stories and resources for anyone who believes they are being cyberbullied or who is looking for ways to stop harassment by digital means.

lil wayne says he’s ‘jealous’ of nicki minaj

A day after celebrating his 28th birthday behind bars and releasing his new “I Am Not a Human Being” EP, Lil Wayne issued a new letter on his website today (Sept. 28) to show fans his gratitude for their “endless love and support.” The rapper also shouts out New York radio stations WBLS and KISS-FM, addresses his children and describes how he is “awaiting freedom patiently” before his November release from Rikers Island.

“Honestly, I can’t fxckin’ wait!” Wayne writes of leaving prison. “I’m still playing UNO. Still doing pushups and such, by the way, please don’t expect me to come out looking any different. I’m the same little ‘ol me. Also, I’ve been trying to get as much rest as I can because I know I won’t when I’m out of here.”

Wayne also tells fans that his “I Am Not a Human Being” release is “great, like every one of you.” He also tells fellow Young Money stars Nicki Minaj and Drake, “I am jealous of you… but it’s cool! I miss you all and keep killin’ ’em.”

After pleading guilty to a weapons charge last March, Lil Wayne is set to leave Rikers Island on Nov. 5, four months before the end of his sentence. “Right Above It,” the lead single off “Human Being” featuring Drake, is currently at No. 31 on the Hot 100.

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